sculptor Reid Dennison and photographer Cara Sullivan stand with three Lumencrafter LED light sculptures: Box Series #1, Tectonic Ladder and Atlas of the Stars.
Lumencrafter: Tectonic Ladder

LED Light art

by Reid Dennison

Our Location

We are located in Flesherton, Ontario, Canada.

Looking for something specific?

Light sculptures are available in a wide variety of colour, texture, material and size.  Commissions gladly accepted.

Contact us for LED light sculpture and commissions.

Lumencrafter creates prêt-à-porter LED light art, light sculptures and architectural features. Any of these can be commissioned.

We offer in-person consultation and installation within 150 kilometres of Flesherton, Ontario (beyond that, travel expenses must be covered).

    Lumencrafter is unique light sculpture and sculptural lighting made from polycarbonate, LEDs and other mixed media.

    Lumencrafter is a partnership between light sculpture artist Reid Dennison and partner, photographer and writer, Cara Sullivan.

    Reid creates functional, architectural and sculptural light art for homes, offices, restaurants, galleries and public spaces.

    Lumencrafter’s unique light sculptures will bring beauty, grace and whimsy to your home or business.

    Frequently asked questions

    Q: Do you make portable LED lights?

    A: Yes. The hand-painted Table Lights and the Box and Shatter Series are fully portable, light and sturdy. They add charm to any space.  Table Lights sit  happily on shelves or side tables; the Box and Shatter wall sconces can be mounted anywhere.  All these are battery powered.  Browse our shop and if you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us!

    Q: Do you accept art commissions?

    A: Yes. We have created many works for clients according to their vision. These range from free-standing sculptures to wall art to floor works.  See: Strata; Atlas of the Stars; City of Light II; Tectonic Ladder; Campfire.

    Q: Do you design architectural and functional lighting?

    A: Yes. Portfolio appointment available upon request, in person if convenient or by zoom.  See A Roar, A Boar y Alice; Violet-green Swallow.

    Q: Does polycarbonate discolour over time?

    A: No. Polycarbonate twinwall is used for roofing and greenhouses, and never turns yellow or develops mould.  See our page on Caring for your Lumencrafter Sculpture.