• original LED light sculpture, violet-pink and white light, free-standing, slightly more than 2 feet square, glows in the garden by a cascade of deep purple clematis
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    Atlas of the Stars Light Sculpture

    $2,500.00 taxes and shipping additional
  • Barn Star, soft white original handmade Lumencrafter LED light sculpture, hanging on the barn at the 2018 Local Colour Art Garden, Flesherton.
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    Barn Star

    $400.00 taxes and shipping additional
  • Runnin' On, original circular LED wall sconce light sculpture by Lumencrafter: A cool white LED rope light shines through a diffusion circle with large  ceramic E and painted red pointer; polycarbonate strips poke through surrounding steel mesh cylinder.  Sculpture shown at 2018 Grey County Autumn Leaves Studio Tour.
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    Runnin’ On

    $200.00 taxes and shipping additional
  • Solar Thing, unique solar-powered hand-made pale green four-foot long LED light sculpture by Lumencrafter mounted beside a red-framed window on the barn at Flesherton's Local Colour's 2020 Art Garden.
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    Solar Thing

    $325.00 taxes and shipping additional
  • Lumencrafter: Tectonic Ladder
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    Tectonic Ladder Light Sculpture

    $450.00 taxes and shipping additional
  • Weight of Beauty, magenta-pink handmade LED wall-mounted light sculpture by Lumencrafter at the Grey Highlands Artists Collective 2017 exhibition, Sacred Spaces: Altars by Artists at The Gallery, L.E. Shore Library, Thornbury.
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    Weight of Beauty Light Sculpture

    $550.00 taxes and shipping additional
  • A one-inch wide strip of gold runs down the centre of a slender four-foot-long structure of polycarbonate struts and spars shot through with sparkling soft-white light.  Wall sculpture mounted in bedroom.    Original LED light art.
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    White Gold

    $250.00 taxes and shipping additional