• Box #1 original Lumencrafter wall sconce light sculpture mounted on bedroom wall by chair.  Rectangular white battery-powered LED light sculpture, soft white fairy lights shine behind a diffusion plate framed by a sturdy steel grid with several thin twinwall strips poking through, up and down, back and forth.
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    Box #1 LED wall sconce

    $150.00 taxes and shipping additional
  • View from top, close-up of free-standing LED table light by Lumencrafter, light pink with golden splotches on tabletop by mirror.  Light yet sturdy, 6 inches high by four inch square base. Hand-painted plates of polycarbonate enclose dew drop LEDs wrapped around an inner polycarbonate core.  Indoor/outdoor. Suitable for evening al fresco dining or bedside mood lighting. Cordless; 3 AA batteries included.
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    Table Light

    $125.00 taxes and shipping additional