seen from below, pendant cylinder LED light sculpture, 4 feet long, pale blue lights shine through a veil of polycarbonate strips mounted on a wire frame, a stunning cloud of blue.

City of Light I and II

How strange, the way things come about. A pandemic hit the world; our government offered support; Reid quit his second career [10 years in home renovations after 25 years film editing] to become the sculptor he’d dreamed of being, 45 years before. The Starter Recovery Grant from Grey County gave us the money to hire a web designer [hooray for ThurlingChevalier!] plus free advice from Gillian Griffin, a Digital Main Street wizard plus…a business consultant. You want a business consultant? they asked. Sure! we said. Up to that point, we’d done everything on zoom, but our business consultant wanted to see the sculptures for real. Since it was early 2021, we bleached the house, donned masks, and let her in.

She walked into the living room, saw City of Light, pointed to it and said, “Can you make me one like that?”

Reid could and did. It’s a little different from the original, where the strips were wired together; the new model is sturdier, with each strip glued to an acrylic cylinder.

Reid writes: “The very first piece.  I had an image of a space-station, something suspended in a dark space with a shimmering quality that beckoned.  I wound some wire around a big cardboard tube and then wired the twinwall strips to each other and the newly fashioned cage.”

City of Light I was first hung in the Art Garden Show at Local Colour, Flesherton, in 2012.

City of Light II:

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